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Interface CommandContext

Provides access to the current project configuration.




Readonly autoConfirmEnabled

autoConfirmEnabled: boolean

No confirmation to operations is asked if auto-confirm is enabled.

Readonly awsClientProvider

awsClientProvider: AwsClientProvider

AWS client provider.

Readonly confidentialValuesLoggingEnabled

confidentialValuesLoggingEnabled: boolean

Log confidential information during operations.

Optional Readonly credentials

credentials: Credentials

Credentials used to invoke the current operation.

Readonly iamGeneratePoliciesInstructionsEnabled

iamGeneratePoliciesInstructionsEnabled: boolean

Show command to generate IAM policies.

Readonly logLevel

logLevel: LogLevel

Logging level.

Readonly projectConfig

projectConfig: TakomoProjectConfig

Project configuration.

Readonly projectDir

projectDir: string

Current project directory containing configuration files.

Readonly regions

regions: readonly Region[]

Supported AWS regions.

Readonly statisticsEnabled

statisticsEnabled: boolean

Show statistics collected during operations.

Readonly variables

variables: Variables

Variables available in operations.

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