Deployment Configuration

Directory Structure

The deployment configuration is defined in the targets.yml file located in the deployment directory, right next to the other Takomo directories.

โ””โ”€ deployment
โ””โ”€ targets.yml

Deployment Groups

Deployment groups form tree-like hierarchies and are configured in deploymentGroups object where keys are deployment group paths and values are configuration for the corresponding deployment group. Deployment groups inherit configuration from their parents.

Examples: Defining Deployment Groups

An empty deployment group.

MyGroup: {}

Nested deployment groups:

MyGroup/Sandbox: {}
SomeOther/Environments/Dev: {}
SomeOther/Environments/Test: {}
SomeOther/Environments/Prod: {}
"Another/Customer Accounts": {}

As seen in this example, you don't need to explicitly define parent deployment groups if they're empty and have children. The path needs to be quoted if some deployment group name in it has spaces.

Deployment Targets

Each deployment group can have zero or more deployment targets, and each target can belong to exactly one deployment group. Deployment targets have one required property name, which is used to identify them.

Adding Deployment Targets to Groups

To add deployment targets to a deployment group, add the targets into the targets list of the deployment group.

Example: Adding deployment targets

Add two deployment targets to a deployment group.

- name: MyFirstTarget
- name: AnotherTarget