To do anything with Takomo, you need to have valid AWS credentials configured. Under the hood, Takomo uses AWS JavaScript SDK to acquire the credentials. Take a look at the SDK’s documentation to learn the ways you can configure credentials.

The easiest way to provide credentials when running Takomo on your local computer is to configure a profile in the ~/aws/.credentials file and then either export the profile name in AWS_PROFILE environment variable or pass it on with the --profile command line option.

You can also configure the profile in the ~/.aws/config file, but then you also need to export AWS_SDK_LOAD_CONFIG environment variable or use the --load-aws-sdk-config command line option.


Provide the profile in an environment variable:

AWS_PROFILE=my-profile-name tkm stacks deploy

Provide the profile using the --profile command line option:

tkm stacks deploy --profile my-profile-name

Load credentials from ~/.aws/config with environment variables:

AWS_SDK_LOAD_CONFIG=1 AWS_PROFILE=my-profile-name tkm stacks deploy

Load credentials from ~/.aws/config with command line options --profile and --load-aws-sdk-config:

tkm stacks deploy --profile my-profile-name --load-aws-sdk-config