Directory Structure

The directory where Takomo configuration files are placed is called project directory and looks like this:

โ”œโ”€ stacks
โ”œโ”€ templates
โ”œโ”€ helpers
โ”œโ”€ partials
โ”œโ”€ resolvers
โ”œโ”€ hooks
โ”œโ”€ deployment
โ””โ”€ organization

At a minimum, the project directory needs to contain two subdirectories: stacks where configuration files for CloudFormation stacks go, and templates, where template files for the stacks are located.

Takomo supports using Handlebars templating with configuration and CloudFormation template files. You can provide custom Handlebars helper functions and partial files by placing JavaScript files in the helpers and partials directories.

Parameter values for CloudFormation stacks can be resolved at deployment using parameter resolvers. Custom parameter resolvers can be provided by placing JavaScript files into the resolvers subdirectory.

It is possible to instruct Takomo to execute certain actions before and after deployments. These actions are called hooks, and just like with the parameter resolvers, custom hooks can be provided by placing JavaScript files into the hooks directory.

Finally, the two remaining directories, deployment and organization, are meant to provide configuration for larger deployments and AWS organizations.