# Introduction

Takomo makes it easy to organize, parameterize and deploy your CloudFormation stacks across multiple regions and accounts. In addition to stacks, you can also manage accounts, organizational units and service control policies that belong to your AWS organization.

Takomo was heavily inspired by Cloudreach’s excellent Sceptre, a CloudFormation wrapper tool built with Python, and Terraform built by Hashicorp.

# Motivation

AWS CloudFormation is a great tool to manage AWS infrastructure but as a low-level tool it's not sufficient alone to manage deployments spanning multiple regions and accounts. There exists many tools that do a good job generating and deploying CloudFormation templates but lack crucial features needed to handle large-scale deployments.

AWS organizations is the way to go when building something bigger where multiple accounts are needed. Of course, managing the organization requires its own tooling, and for this AWS provides AWS Control Tower and AWS Landing Zone. The former is a managed service that works well when not much customization is needed, and the latter is an AWS solution that allows greater level of customization but requires extensive knowledge of internal workings of the solution itself.

Takomo was created to overcome challenges that arise when one needs to manage a complex AWS infrastructure with inter-stack dependencies spanning across multiple accounts and regions.

# Features

Here are some of Takomo's key features.

# CloudFormation Stack Configuration

Provide configuration to your CloudFormation stacks including input parameters, tags, region, timeouts and more. Use outputs from other stacks as input parameters to your stacks, even if the source stacks reside in other accounts or regions.

# CloudFormation Stack Deployment

Deploy your CloudFormation stacks across multiple regions and accounts.

# Dynamic Templates

Take advantage of dynamic templating and avoid repetitive configuration and copy-pasting in CloudFormation templates.

# AWS Organizations Management

Manage organizational units, service control and tag policies. Quickly create new AWS accounts and deploy infrastructure to them.

# Safe

Avoid mistakes by reviewing changes to the configuration before deployment. Take advantage of safety features that prevent deployments to wrong environments and accounts.

# Secrets Management

Store your secrets, such as passwords and API keys, into AWS Parameter Store, and use them as input parameters to your CloudFormation stacks.

# Extensible

Plug in your own JavaScript code to extend the core features.

# Continuous Integration

Easily integrate Takomo to your CI pipeline.

# Examples

Take a look at some real-life uses cases from examples.

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