Dependencies Between Stacks

It’s a good practice to split the infrastructure into multiple stacks that group related resources together. Naturally, there will be dependencies between the stacks. For example, one stack creates a VPC with subnets, and another stack creates some resources into those subnets. The stacks need to be created and updated in a certain order to ensure that the dependencies can be satisfied. For example, the subnets need to be ready before other resources can be created into them. This order is reversed when the stacks are deleted.

When CLI commands are run, Takomo first builds a plan containing run order for the stacks and then executes required operations in that order and parallel when possible.

Defining Dependencies

You can use the depends property to explicitly specify dependencies for a stack by providing a single command path or a list of command paths. Dependencies can span multiple accounts and regions as long as there are no circular dependencies.


A single dependency:

depends: /dev/vpc.yml

A single dependency including the region specifier:

depends: /dev/vpc.yml/eu-west-1

Multiple dependencies:

- /dev/vpc.yml
- /dev/security-groups.yml

Dependencies from Parameter Resolvers

Parameter resolvers can also introduce dependencies between stacks. A good example is the stack-output parameter resolver that reads a value from stack output and then passes it as an input parameter for another stack. When a parameter resolver creates the dependency between stacks, there's no need to specify it using the depends property.

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