# Basics

Takomo Deployment Targets offers a scalable and flexible way to deploy and undeploy Takomo configurations across multiple accounts and regions.

# Directory Structure

The deployment configuration is defined in the targets.yml file that is located in the deployment directory, right next to the other Takomo directories.

└- deployment
   └- targets.yml

# Deployment Targets

A deployment target represents a target where to deploy Takomo configuration. In deployment configuration, there can be any number of deployment targets that can be located in different AWS accounts and regions.

# Config Sets

The configuration that should be deployed to the deployment targets is provided using config sets. Each config set specifies one or more command paths that point to the Takomo configuration found from the stacks directory. When the deployment targets are deployed using the deploy targets command, the command paths specified in targets’ config sets are launched using the deploy stacks command. The deployed configuration can be removed using the undeploy targets command which invokes the undeploy stacks command for the command paths.

# Deployment Groups

Deployment groups are used to group together deployment targets that share similar configuration which can be parameterized using variables. Deployment groups can be nested to create tree-like hierarchies where child groups inherit configuration from their parents. Also deployment targets inherit configuration from the deployment group they belong to. Both the child deployment groups and deployment targets can also override all or parts of the configuration they inherit.

Last Updated: 5/4/2020, 3:54:44 PM