# AWS Organization

Before you can start managing your organization, you need to create it. You can use create organization command, AWS console or CLI.

AWS documentation on how to create an organization

# Organization Feature Set

AWS Organizations allows you to choose what features you want to have enabled. There are two options: ALL and CONSOLIDATED_BILLING. In most cases, ALL should be chosen because it enables many useful features such as service control policies and tag policies. The feature set is chosen when the organization is created, and can be changed at any time.

AWS documentation on how to enable all features

# Master Account Id

The organization master account needs to be defined in the organization configuration. Takomo uses this information to ensure that organization management operations target the correct AWS organization. Use masterAccountId property to define the master account.

# Setting the master account id

masterAccountId: "123456789012"
Last Updated: 5/4/2020, 3:54:44 PM