# Tag Policies

Takomo supports managing of tag policies.


Tag policies are supported only when all features is enabled in the organization.

# Configuration

Tag policies are configured in tagPolicies object where keys are policy names and values are objects containing configuration for the corresponding policies.

The policy object has following keys:

  • description - Mandatory description for the policy
  • awsManaged - Boolean value defining if the policy is managed by AWS

# Example: Configure a tag policy

Here's how to configure a tag policy named MyTagPolicy.

    description: My way of tagging

# Tag Policy Files

For each policy, that is not AWS managed, there must be a corresponding policy .json file with the same name in the organization/tag-policies directory.

# Disabling Tag Policies

Tag policies are enabled on the organization if the local configuration has at least one policy defined. It is also possible to disable tag policies by setting value false to tagPolicies like so:

tagPolicies: false

# Deploying Tag Policies

Takomo uses tag policy names to identify them. When the organization is launched, Takomo compares policies found from the local configuration to the ones existing in the organization.

  • The policy is removed from the organization if it is found from the organization but not from the local configuration
  • The policy is added to the organization if it is found from the local configuration but not from the organization
  • The policy in the organization is updated if its description or content differs from the ones given in the local configuration

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