# Trusted AWS Services

Takomo supports managing of trusted AWS services.


Trusted AWS services are supported only when all features is enabled in the organization.

# Configuration

Trusted AWS services are configured in trustedAwsServices list. All services present in the list are considered as trusted. By default, if trustedAwsServices is not defined, all services are considered as trusted.

# Example: Configure trusted AWS services

Here' how to add two trusted AWS services.

  - cloudtrail.amazonaws.com
  - config.amazonaws.com

Allowed values:

  • aws-artifact-account-sync.amazonaws.com
  • cloudtrail.amazonaws.com
  • compute-optimizer.amazonaws.com
  • config.amazonaws.com
  • ds.amazonaws.com
  • fms.amazonaws.com
  • license-manager.amazonaws.com
  • member.org.stacksets.cloudformation.amazonaws.com
  • ram.amazonaws.com
  • servicecatalog.amazonaws.com
  • ssm.amazonaws.com
  • sso.amazonaws.com
  • tagpolicies.tag.amazonaws.com

# Deploying Trusted AWS Services

When the organization is launched, Takomo compares trusted AWS services found from the local configuration to the ones existing in the organization.

  • Disable the service in the organization if it is enabled in the organization but not found from the local configuration
  • Enable the service in if it is enabled in the local configuration but disabled in the organization

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