Interface Resolver

An interface to be implemented by objects that resolve values for stack parameters at deploy time.


  • Resolver


confidential?: boolean | (() => boolean)

An optional boolean indicating whether the resolved parameter value is confidential and should be concealed from the logs.

dependencies?: string[] | (() => string[])

An optional list of stack paths of the stacks this resolver depends on.

The stacks are added to the list of stacks that the stack where this resolver is used depends on.

iamRoleArns?: string[] | (() => string[])

An optional list of IAM roles needed to resolve the parameter value.

The credentials used to deploy the stack that uses this resolver must have sufficient permissions to assume the listed IAM roles.

resolve: ((input: ResolverInput) => Promise<any>)

Type declaration

    • (input: ResolverInput): Promise<any>
    • Resolve the stack parameter value.


      Resolved parameter value


      Returns Promise<any>

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