Interface Stack

An interface representing a CloudFormation stack configuration.


  • Stack


credentialManager: CredentialManager

Credential manager holding credentials associated with the stack

data: Record<string, unknown>

Data associated with the stack

dependencies: readonly string[]

Other stacks that the stack depends on

dependents: readonly string[]

Other stacks that depend on the stack

getClient: (() => Promise<CloudFormation>)

Type declaration

    • (): Promise<CloudFormation>
    • Get CloudFormation client

      Returns Promise<CloudFormation>

getCredentials: (() => Promise<AwsCredentialIdentity>)

Type declaration

    • (): Promise<AwsCredentialIdentity>
    • Credentials associated with the stack

      Returns Promise<AwsCredentialIdentity>

getCurrentCloudFormationStack: (() => Promise<undefined | CloudFormationStack>)

Type declaration

logger: TkmLogger

Logger instance associated with the stack

name: string

Name of the stack

path: string

Path of the stack

project?: string

Project of the stack

region: string

Region where the stack is deployed

stackGroupPath: string

Path of the stack group where the stack belongs to

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