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Typescript support

By default, Takomo looks for a takomo.ts file, which can be used to customize Takomo configuration, from the project root dir. If the file is found, it's compiled with esbuild, and then run to apply customizations it contains.

You can customize this feature by providing esbuild property. It has the following properties:

enabledToggle esbuild and Typescript feature on or offnotrue
outFileName of the file where compiled Typescript code is writtenno.takomo/out/takomo.mjs
entryPointInput entry point file for esbuildnotakomo.ts


Use different entry point file.

entryPoint: src/index.ts

Disable Typescript support:

enabled: false

Customizing project configuration

The entry point file (defaults to takomo.ts) must have default export function of type TakomoConfigProvider that returns a TakomoConfigProvider object which in turn contains the custom configuration for your Takomo project.


import { HandlebarsTemplateEngineProvider, TakomoConfigProvider } from "takomo"

const provider: TakomoConfigProvider = async () => ({
schemaProviders: [
// Custom schema providers
hookProviders: [
// Custom hook providers
resolverProviders: [
// Custom resolver providers
templateEngineProvider: new HandlebarsTemplateEngineProvider(),

export default provider