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Hook output resolver

The hook output resolver reads parameter values from hook outputs.


Here are the properties of the hook output resolver:

resolveryesstringResolver name, this must be hook-output.
hookyesstringName of the hook whose output should be read.
confidentialnobooleanConceal the resolved parameter value from logs, defaults to false.
immutablenobooleanMark the parameter as immutable, defaults to false.


This stack configuration has a hook named my-hook, which runs before stack operations. It is a command hook and will store the output from the shell command to hook outputs from where the subsequent hooks and parameter resolvers can access it.

A hook output resolver reads the output of my-hook and sets it as the value of the Greeting parameter.

resolver: hook-output
hook: my-hook
- name: my-hook
type: cmd
stage: before
command: echo 'hello world'