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Stack output resolver

Stack output resolver reads the parameter value from a stack output of another stack configured within the same Takomo project. The source stack automatically becomes the target stack's dependency. Takomo reads the output value using the credentials associated with the source stack.


If you need to read outputs of stacks that are not configured in the same Takomo project, you can use external stack output resolver.


Here are the properties of the stack output resolver:

resolveryesstringResolver name, this must be stack-output.
stackyesstringStack path of the source stack. Can be an absolute or a relative stack path.
outputyesstringName of the stack output whose value is read.
confidentialnobooleanConceal the resolved parameter value from logs, defaults to false.
immutablenobooleanMark the parameter as immutable, defaults to false.


Say, we have two stacks: vpc.yml and security-groups.yml. The former creates a VPC and exposes its id in the stack outputs with a name VpcId, and the latter uses the VPC id to create some security groups.

The directory structure looks like this:

├─ stacks
│ ├─ vpc.yml
│ └─ security-groups.yml
└─ templates
├─ vpc.yml
└─ security-groups.yml

In security-groups.yml stack configuration we use the stack-output resolver to read the value for the VpcId parameter like so:

resolver: stack-output
stack: /vpc.yml
output: MyVpcId