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Each file in the partials directory or its subdirectory can be used as a Handlebars partial.


Partials are supported only when using Handlebars templating engine.


Here are some examples of how to use partials.

Simple partial

If the partials directory contains a file named my-log-group.yml, you can include it as a partial in a configuration file like so:

{{> my-partial.hbs }}

Loading partials from custom locations

You can provide additional directories from where Takomo should load partials by using partialsDir property in takomo.yml. You can give a single path or list of paths. Paths can be absolute or relative to the current project directory. Regardless of additional partials locations, Takomo will always also look partials from partials directory located under the current project directory.


Specify a single custom location for partials.

partialsDir: my-custom-partials

Specify multiple custom locations.

- my-custom-partials
- /absolute/path/to/partials